German Federal Election 2021

German Federal Election 2021

What’s next for Europe? An Italian perspective

10/2021  |  2021E25, Length: 13 pages

The German federal election is probably the most crucial electoral appointment in the EU. Germany is the Union’s largest member state and its leading economy as such a change of government here is expected to have an impact on all the other EU countries as well. The German Chancellor, the head of the government in Berlin, usually has a direct and strong influence on the EU policy-making process and can act as a guarantor of stability for the Union as a whole. While this is normal considering Germany’s central position, very much of this influence depends also on the personal charisma and skills of the Chancellor itself. The position of Germany in the international system has changed significantly during Angela Merkel’s sixteen years in office. However, this time Angela Merkel, the woman who occupied virtuously and honourably the highest seat in German and European politics, decided to retire from politics raising great expectations regarding her possible successor. This is the reason why, more than usual, the last federal election in Germany has been followed with much interest within and outside the country. After leading four governments, one of the longest-serving head of governments in the history of Germany, left to the next Chancellor the responsibility to lead the country in one of the most crucial moments of our times. As expected, the result of the election has not provided any of the political parties with a strong enough mandate to rule alone and the leaders of the main forces are now engaged in complicate coalition-building talks.

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