Human mobility in the context of climate change and environmental risks

Human mobility in the context of climate change and environmental risks

The case of Kiribati

06/2021  |  2021E15, Length: 14 pages

Climate change, along with migration, displacement and human mobility that it might trigger, has increasingly attracted global attention in recent years. Throughout human history, migration and climate have always been connected, however, the effects of climate change are likely to increasingly determine migration patterns in the future. It is well-known that climate change can act as a “risk multiplier” or “vulnerability multiplier”, as it might exacerbate existing tensions and challenges in those parts of the world that are already fragile due to socio-economic, political, or demographic factors. Environment and climate-related natural hazards might not only aggravate these problems but could also intensify conflict dynamics in certain countries and force people to leave their homes and move to safer places. The current analysis aims to explain the nexus between climate change and human mobility, and also, the current and future challenges related to it. To do so, the author will present the case of Kiribati, a small country where the effects of climate change are already significantly impacting the the socio-economic structures.

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