The Prospects and Challenges of an Enhanced V4-India cooperation

The Prospects and Challenges of an Enhanced V4-India cooperation

The Right Time to Engage?

07/2021  |  2021E17, Length: 16 pages

In recent years, bilateral engagement between the Visegrad Group (V4) and India has been accelerating. As a result, the number of topics addressed at high-level meetings has increased, while at the same time the European Union (EU) also started deepening its engagement with India.

For several reasons this trend has substantial effects. The economic rise of India in recent decades, with its average 7% annual GDP growth, the growing importance of the subcontinent and a more assertive China have led many analysts to seriously consider the possibility of an approaching Asian century. The recent growing tensions between the United States (US) and China, and the increasing disagreements between the EU and China paved the way for the recently adopted Indo-Pacific strategies, where India becomes a key player and a major counterweight to China.

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