The US & Europe’s Regional Giant

The US & Europe’s Regional Giant

Central Europe’s Role in Transatlantic Energy Security

12/2021  |  2021E29, Length: 12 pages

During the 2018 Three Seas Initiative Summit, former US Energy Secretary Rick Perry commented, “Transatlantic energy security is fundamental to the national security of all of our nations.” Given the critical need for the EU and the US to ensure sustained access to diverse and affordable energy sources, cooperation within this transatlantic community is essential. Over the past few years, the transatlantic community has made significant progress in leveraging global energy resources to increase energy security. However, European energy security remains a challenge for both sides of the Atlantic. The EU continues to struggle with diversifying its energy portfolio while individual member states, such as Germany, continue to rely heavily on single-energy suppliers for the majority of their energy needs. As the region grapples with competing economic interests and differing perspectives, the US and the EU have struggled to create a comprehensive energy-security partnership.

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