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2021E29 / Kasey Golding

The US & Europe’s Regional Giant

Central Europe’s Role in Transatlantic Energy Security
2021E28 / John Kelly

The Nuclear Black Market

Unanswered Questions in a Dangerous Topic

Future of the EMU

How to make the Eurozone enlargement more attractive— a question of ERM II criteria?

German Federal Election 2021

What’s next for Europe? An Italian perspective

More Discord than Accord?

AUKUS, The EU, and the Indo-Pacific Regional Security Architectures
2021E19 / Fanni Korpics

How to go forward?

French societal dilemmas for the 21st century
2020E44 / Péter Dobrowiecki

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Outlook 2021

Perspectives for the Next Year from the AJKC Research Team
2020E34 / Rahul Mishra

Strengthening the Indo-Pacific Order

An Assessment of India’s Act East Policy
2020E32 / Péter Dobrowiecki

/ 10 more authors

The Global Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Selected Analyses by the Antall József Knowledge Centre Research Team

A Race for The Capital

Lessons On the Japanese Gubernatorial Elections


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