In Focus: 25 Years of the Visegrad Cooperation

There are considerable changes in our world and in our lives. Although we could argue about the extent and quality of these changes, it is for the most part accepted worldwide that the fourth industrial revolution is underway, the resources of our planet and the icecaps are drastically diminishing, and Europe’s population is ageing, while in Asia and Africa, it is explosively increasing. The role of politics and economy, as well as the relationship of their actors is changing, so is that of the individual, family, and society. The ties between the scientific, innovative, and profit-oriented enterprises are starting to have a fresh basis. Each country responds to the challenges and dilemmas outlined above differently. We hope that we will be able to introduce many of these solutions in this publication.

When launching a magazine, the primary goals of any editor-in-chief are to determine its main focus and the target audience. The main reason of publishing In Focus is to introduce certain countries, regions, or institutions to readers interested in international relations on the occasion of significant events or anniversaries. The scientific magazine presents all aspects of the topic selected aiming to spread knowledge.

This year, we commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Visegrad Cooperation; an alliance which, in fact, has a 700-year-old history. The first issue of In Focus, therefore, provides an overview of the history of the cooperation and the political, economic, and social processes of the member states, as well as underlines future challenges ahead of the four countries.

The first quarter century of the Cooperation is analysed by Dr Géza Jeszenszky, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Antall government. The ambassadors of the Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia, as well as the Hungarian State Secretary for EU Affairs in turn discuss the current situation of the V4 Countries. Through the first issue, readers have the opportunity to learn more about the most prominent personalities and the cultural heritage of the four countries, as well as the most remarkable places in the region. The first issue of In Focus was compiled by the colleagues of the Knowledge Centre and the former students of the Antall József Summer School, whose assistance is greatly appreciated.

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