In Focus

In Focus

The Eastern Mediterranean

 Full content available on subscription | 2021/2, Length: 146 pages

The new issue of In Focus magazine will revolve around a highly dynamic and even turbulent region: the Eastern Mediterranean. This region is, without a doubt, home to many ambitions, fault lines, challenges, and opportunities. Small wonder there is a myriad of issues drawing the political analysts’ attention to this region, where the potential for cooperation and conflicts among and within states exist in parallel. By publishing this issue, the Antall József Knowledge Centre’s goal is to give comprehensive insight into the realities of a complex region. We offer interviews with diplomats and many articles aimed at bringing the Eastern Mediterranean closer to our readers. Topics like the dilemmas of the reconstruction in Syria, the internal and external challenges of Libya, the crises and the quest for reforms in Lebanon, or Israel’s strategy in the Eastern Mediterranean are just some of the many others this issue is planning to cover.

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