In Focus

As the Visegrad Cooperation is celebrating its 30th anniversary, this country group, just as the wider region it belongs to, is In Focus. Thus, 2021’s first issue is aiming to throw light on what exactly Central Europe means historically, politically, geopolitically, and economically within and without the borders of its strongest regional format, the V4. The authors have a look at how these countries interlock, what their joint interests, challenges are, and in what ways they can further these regionally and internationally. Touching upon the most recent topics that have had a major impact on Central European policymaking, there are articles on migration, green transition, financial interests, and what future these countries imagine for Europe. This turf of Europe has always been in the intersection of great power interests, the issue wherefore also have pieces discussing the main traits and goals of the region’s foreign policy and how it blends into today’s likely emerging world order.

Although the region is of utmost relevance in itself, we also cover all the above keeping the Antall legacy relevant, as Central Europe and, most particularly, the Visegrad Countries were always pivotal to our eponym’s political thought.

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