Bence Kocsev

Bence Kocsev

Research Track Leader
Office: Győr Office


Bence Kocsev is the head of the Győr Office of the Antall József Knowledge Centre. His main research interests concern the economic history of the Cold War, the history of globalization (and Eastern Europe within these process in particular), economic and academic relations between Eastern Europe and the Global South during the Cold War, and the history of area studies. Before joining the AJRC he was a research fellow at the Collaborative Research Center at the University of Leipzig and at the Leibniz Institute for the History and Culture of Eastern Europe (GWZO). His PhD dissertation investigates the socialist knowledge production on economic development and development policy-making in academic institution during the Cold War, and, within this context, he particularly focuses on the East-European reception of the world economic reform initiative called the New International Economic Order.

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