Bianka Restás

Bianka Restás

Former Research Fellow
Office: European Relations Department


Restás Bianka is an International Relations Manager at the European Relations Department of the Antall József Knowledge Centre. She obtained her BA and MA degrees (international relations expert and analyst) in International Relations at the Corvinus University of Budapest and specialized in European integration and diplomacy. Her main research interest is Italy, with a special focus on the country’s role in the management of international migration, and its domestic political processes and foreign affairs. In her research activity, she also focuses on diverse aspects of international and forced migration, and the management of migration in the European Union. From September 2019 Bianka is Project Manager of one of the annual events of the Knowledge Centre, the think.BDPST Young Leaders’ Forum. During her university studies, she participated in the internship program of the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade. She fluently speaks English and Italian.

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