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A professional publication released weekly in English and Hungarian that primarily focuses on current foreign and security issues as interpreted by the researcher.

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“I Love the EU!”

How to Better Understand Matteo Salvini’s Pro-European Conversion?

Climate policy ‘á la française’

France’s role in international cooperation on climate change

Nord Stream 2

Russian Gas Risks Polluting Berlin–Washington Relations

A New Chapter in Italy

Draghi’s Chance to Relaunch the Crisis-Hit Country

Milk Tea Alliance

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“The Longer Telegram”

What China Policy It Suggests to the Biden Administration

“Whatever It Takes!”

Mario Draghi to Begin Italy’s Rescue Operation after a New Political Crisis

Ethiopia 2021

Changes in International Development Aid

Israeli Elections 2021

Will It Be Possible to Dethrone Netanyahu?

The Road to Asia's Century?

The Importance of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership

After Obama, beyond Trump

Is a Turn in US Foreign Policy Expected?

The Endgame of Africa's Last Colony?

The Polisario Front's Decades-Long Struggle for an Independent Western Sahara

Where to Go, 17 + 1?

The CEE Region in the Crossfire of an Intensifying American–Chinese Competition