Germany's Role of Harmonisation in EU Decision-making

Germany's Role of Harmonisation in EU Decision-making

Length: 60 minutes

The 30 years of German unity is also symbolic of Germany's stabilisation and cohesion role within the European Union. The aim of the roundtable was to discuss the impact of the German presence in intergovernmental agreements and EU policies. On the one hand, the discussion looked back at the achievements of the German Presidency of the European Council in creating harmony between Member States.  In addition, the debate was examine the long-term European impact of future developments in German domestic policy.

What was the significance for the EU of Chancellor Merkel’s leadership in European trade policy and in the conclusion of the Brexit deal or the EU-China Investment Agreement? What role did Germany–as a natural link between Central and Eastern European and Western European interests–play in the decisions taken on crisis management and joint borrowing in 2020? How will the election of Armin Laschet as leader of CDU and potential future Chancellor affect the continuity of the Union's integration strategy? What are the global trade and security perspectives of a post-Merkel Union?


Opening Remarks

▸Balázs Hamar, Head of the Brussels Office, Antall József Knowledge Centre

Expert Discussion

▸Gergely Prőhle, Former Ambassador, Director, Institute of Strategic Studies, University of Public Service, Hungary
▸Volkmar Klein, Member of the German Bundestag, Germany
▸Matthew Rhodes, Director, Central and South Eastern Europe Program, George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies, Germany
▸Anna Kwiatkowska, Head of Department for Germany and Northern Europe, OSW – Centre for Eastern Studies, Poland
▸Éric-André Martin, Secretary General, Study Committee on Franco-German Relations (Cerfa), French Institute of International Relations, France
▸Moderator: Elina Herédi, International Relations Manager, Antall József Knowledge Centre


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