King in the North

King in the North

Arctic sea ice has been steadily shrinking due to our planet's rising average temperatures. Today, the region is becoming a development hot spot, with world powers like Russia and China seeking control of resources and transport routes, with major economic and geopolitical implications. Looking at that from the European perspective, the Arctic is an important dimension, because the developments of the region have strategic security implications for the whole of Europe. However, the EU’s approach to the Arctic went from a very symbolic stance on engagement to a situation where it became much more focused on legitimising its relevance in the region. Nevertheless, to many, its role today is still too much unclear. What will be the Von der Leyen Commission’s approach to the Arctic issue? What should be the EU’s priorities in the Arctic region? How the engagement of Russia and China will influence the EU and its ambitions to be an Arctic actor?

Watch the panel discussion with
Gertrude Saxinger, Faculty Member, Austrian Polar Research Institute
Barbora Padrtová, Assistant Professor, Department of International Relations and European Studies, Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University, Brno
Moderator: Péter Boros, Researcher, PAGEO Geopolitical Research Institute

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