Latin America in the Changing World Order

Latin America in the Changing World Order

Length: 80 minutes

The foreign relations of Latin America, formerly a predictable hinterland of the United States, have witnessed significant diversification in recent decades, as new actors have been emerging in the region besides the once-dominant hegemon.

An important question of the coming years is the direction in which this trend will continue: Will the influence of China and other new players in the region strengthen? Will there be a will by the US to reverse these trends against the backdrop of an unfolding global tussle with China after a relative indifference to Latin America by the Trump administration and the previous US governments? And what is the Latin American political and economic elite’s and the population’s take on all this?

Besides the above questions, the online round table will look for answers to what could be the economic stake of the position seeking in the region and whether there is an objective geopolitical reality of the global struggles escalating into regional tensions in the subcontinent.

The speakers of the discussion were:

▸ Carlos MALAMUD, Senior Analyst for Latin America, Elcano Royal Institute; Professor, National Distance Education University, Madrid

▸Antonella MORI, Head of the Latin America Programme, Italian Institute for International Political Studies; Professor, Bocconi University, Milan

▸ Detlef NOLTE, Associate Fellow, German Council on Foreign Relations, German Institution of Global Area Studies; Professor, University of Hamburg

▸ Moderator: Zsombor Szabolcs PÁL, Research Fellow, Antall József Knowledge Centre

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