Outlook for Europe – The impacts of COVID-19 on the European economy and labour market

Outlook for Europe – The impacts of COVID-19 on the European economy and labour market

Length: 57 minutes

COVID-19 has created an unprecedented challenge for the global economy and labour market. European countries are being affected diversely, and governments have different tools and opportunities to tackle the current challenges. To address this situation, the European Union has agreed to an additional €750 billion stimulus package, aimed at repairing the immediate economic and social damages brought on by the pandemic.

Which are the hardest hit sectors? How can development and growth be promoted? What kind of changes can be anticipated in the labour market after the pandemic? How can digitalisation influence the post-pandemic economic and employment trends? Our experts discussed these issues during the panel discussion, while also tryed to provide an overview of possible solutions.

Our invited speakers were:

▸Niclas Poitiers, Research Fellow, Bruegel Institute, Brussels

▸ Pavel Hnát, Vice-dean for Academic Affairs, Prague University of Economics and Business

▸ Moderator: Cecília Varsányi, International Relations Manager, Antall József Knowledge Centre

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