Relations Between India and the Visegrad Group: Challenges and Opportunities

Relations Between India and the Visegrad Group: Challenges and Opportunities

Length: 90 minutes

In recent decades, India's role has grown significantly, not only on the Asian continent, but also on a global level. Therefore, monitoring India's political, economic, and social processes is becoming increasingly important, both in foreign policy planning and for the scholarly community focusing on international relations. In line with these trends, it is important to shed light on and to analyse the opportunities for deepening relations between the Visegrad Group and India. With the help of experts from research institutes in Central Europe as well as in India, the proposed online panel discussion aims to identify the ways of building wide-ranging and mutually beneficial cooperation between the Visegrad Group and India.


▸ Patryk KUGIEL, Senior Analyst, The Polish Institute of International Affairs

▸ Gulshan SACHDEVA, PhD, Chairperson, Centre for European Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University

▸ Moderator: Norbert MIKLÓS, International Relations Manager, Global Relations Department, Antall József Knowledge Centre

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