Shock and Turmoil

Shock and Turmoil

2020 has brought about a new wave of challenges for the world economy, including a strategic and highly politicised sector: the oil industry. The combined effects of the oil price war between crude oil-producing countries and the coronavirus pandemic have severely shaken the global oil market. Speculations around oil prices have long been political and economic tools of oil producing countries. However, recently, the shock caused by the pandemic also plunged producers into crisis. In the online discussion, experts will evaluate the most important geopolitical and geo-economic implications of the oil market events of 2020, identifying how the combined effects of the pandemic and recent oil market trends will affect the economic situation, welfare, as well as security and stability in the Middle East.

Welcoming Remarks
Zsolt CSEPREGI, Deputy Director for International Affairs, Antall József Knowledge Centre

Panel Discussion
Saleh AL MUHANNA, Research Associate, King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center
Máté SZALAI, PhD, Programme Manager, Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade
Moderator: Tamás KOZMA, Head of Department, Asian and African Relations Department, Antall József Knowledge Centre

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