What is next for the United Kingdom—CEE relationship?

What is next for the United Kingdom—CEE relationship?

Length: 60 minutes

At the end of a very challenging year, the EU and the UK finally found a deal on Brexit. The new Free Trade Agreement (FTA), which regulate their relationship, left many questions unresolved and open to successive agreements. In the meantime, the coronavirus pandemic, which hit the United Kingdom particularly harder than most, made the decision-making process conditioned on health emergency issues. Despite the fact that the scenario looks particularly challenging, the United Kingdom is very eager to build up new relationships with old and new partners. In this perspective, London finds many common interests with the countries in the Eastern part of the European continent, where she can develop her partnership with a group of like-minded states ready to cooperate on many aspects. What will be the UK’s approach towards CEE countries? What kind of interests connect this part of Europe with the United Kingdom? And, almost six months on, what are the key opportunities that Central Eastern EU Member States might find in a partnership with the United Kingdom? We will discuss these issues in our next live panel discussion.

Keynote Speaker:

▸ HE Paul Fox, Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Hungary

The speakers of the panel discussion are:

▸ Przemysław Biskup, Analyst, The Polish Institute of International Affairs

▸ Péter Dobrowiecki, Head of Research, Antall József Knowledge Centre

▸ Moderator: Alessandro D’Onofrio, Senior Researcher, Antall József Knowledge Centre

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