About Research

Mission Statement and Research:

The mission of AJKC is to formulate and provide foreign policy insight and analysis, supporting a secure and thriving Hungary in a Central Eastern European, European Union, and transatlantic framework.

The aim of the Knowledge Centre is to inform the public on the national and international level and support foreign policy decision-making processes through the publication of its research results. Its activities are defined by a set of criteria and a framework that is in alignment with the values represented by PM Antall. In accordance with the Antall philosophy, ensuring and preserving such values as national thought, community of values, cooperation on the Central European, European, and Transatlantic level, as well as identifying and securing the synergies between these values is a top priority. It is also important for the Knowledge Centre to incorporate the understanding of young people participating in its activities and providing them with opportunities which enable them to capitalise on their insights and develop their skills.

Publishing Research Results:

The publishing of our research results is done through various platforms. We share information via traditional written platforms, be it longer or shorter works. Moreover, using the opportunities provided by the technological innovations of the 21st century, several audio and visual tools are also applied. It is important to note that our goal is to establish as deep a partnership with research centres of our foreign partners as possible.

AJKC has several research platforms of its own, including the Research Blog, which provides a general yet a comprehensive overview of current foreign policy issues. In contrast, the aim of AJRC Analyses is to offer a more thorough examination of a foreign policy phenomenon, thereby contributing to the reader’s deeper understanding of the topics at hand. One of our most recent initiatives is AJKC podcast that hosts AJKC experts who talk about foreign policy actualities. AJKC Vlog, the alternative version of the Research Blog and yet another of our newest initiatives, in turn, examines foreign-and-security-policy related topics through audio-visual tools.

In Focus is a magazine published by AJKC in English and Hungarian four times a year and it portrays different countries and regions of the world, as well as current issues from a distinctively Hungarian perspective. The magazine has been released since 2016.

Beyond sharing information through the above-mentioned platforms, our aim is to present our research results via events with the help of national and international experts. In addition, publishing also becomes an avenue to contribute to promoting the research topics designated among a wider audience, as AJKC’s publishing activities involve releasing professional publications, scientific works on security policy and international relations, as well as university textbooks.

Research Tracks:

  • The future of Europe and its role in global processes
  • Transatlantic relations and the future of the alliance
  • The power relations of Southwest Asia
  • The power relations of East Asia
  • The future of rules-based world order and the role of international organisations
  • Security Policy

Target Audience:

On the domestic level, the target audience of our research activities, in accordance with our talent management profile, is university students and young researchers. On the other hand, we also target decision-makers, as well as leaders in the academic, governmental, think tank, and business sectors whose work can be supported through our analyses.

On the international level, our research activities are directed at young people and experts interested in Hungary and the region, as well as researchers and colleagues working abroad. Thus, Central European cooperation, EU cooperation, and transatlantic cooperation, core values present in the Antall philosophy, can be strengthened facilitated.