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Extinguished Lantern

Morocco’s Regional and Parliamentary Elections

The European Army

The Future of Europe’s Defence or an Economic Windfall in Disguise?

Faustian Bargain?

The Boundaries of the Chinese–Taliban Romance

The Withdrawal from Afghanistan

And the Twentieth Anniversary of the 9/11 Terror Attacks

A New “Arduous March?”

Food crisis in North Korea and the World Food Programme Strategy for Support


Contentious Investments in the Future

The Digital Yuan

Another Cryptocurrency or the Future?

Does it link or divide?

The role of the Mekong River in relations between China and the countries downstream

An Old Conflict in the New Middle East

The Implications of the Recent Israeli–Hamas Clash

2021 Scottish Election

The Success of Pro-Independence Parties Renew Claims for Constitutional Reforms in the United Kingdom

Chinese Popular Music

The (Long) Road to Worldwide Recognition

“Die Würfel sind gefallen.”

The CDU/CSU chose its candidate, but the way to the chancellorship is still very steep

The Sputnik V Saga

The First (And Last) Year of the Matovič Government

Breaking the Ice?

The First High-Level Meeting between US and Chinese Officials since Biden’s Inauguration