On Registration and Subscription

Premium contents on AJKC Digital are only available after subscription. Registration is required for subscription, which can swiftly and easily be done through providing some basic data—then only a few clicks are needed to gain access to your personalised profile.
To activate your account, please verify your email address through the email we sent. If you have received no such email, we would advise to check your SPAM folder first. If the SPAM folder is also empty, please contact us at digitalistudastar@ajtk.hu!
After login, click on your name in the upper-right corner of the webpage menu to select from the subscription types available.

Currently, there are two types of subscription—quarterly and annual—available. To learn more about prices and temporary promotions, please visit your profile.
Why to subscribe? Because AJKC Digital contains all the knowledge you need! Through your subscription, you may reach premium contents by top experts that contribute to the deeper understanding of certain foreign policy issues, or watch online recordings of exclusive conferences that are available for only a few or can be viewed after purchasing tickets.

Invoicing and Payment
When the subscription most suitable for you is selected, please provide your invoicing data. In case of a company purchasing, please do not forget to enter your VAT number. Subscriptions can be paid by card or through PayPal. Please kindly note that the payment method of automatic transfer will shortly be added to our payment services.
The invoice thereby issues will be sent by email or can be reached through your personal profile under the items purchased menu.

Enjoy your stay on AJKC Digital!
The AJKC Digital Team