On Services Offered

Conducting research is one of the core activities of the Antall József Knowledge Centre and its aim is to present its scientific results on as many forums and among as wide an audience as possible.  Toward this goal, AJKC Digital was created that incorporates every of our research materials.

AJKC Digital can simultaneously be viewed as a means of legacy preservation and as a platform integrating a library function, thereby young people, university students, and professional audiences can be aided in their studies and work.

The purpose is to create and make available through subscription a digital platform, unique in Hungary, that features all the research materials, professional publications, books, magazines, podcasts, and video contents prepared or presented by AJKC researchers and experts or colleagues of AJKC partner institutions:

  • Research Blog: A professional publication released weekly in English and Hungarian that primarily focuses on current foreign and security issues as interpreted by the researcher
  • Research Vlog: A professional publication released weekly that primarily focuses on current foreign and security issues as interpreted by the researcher. Available in Hungarian, with English subtitles being provided.
  • Podcast: Dialogues with experts on current foreign and security policy issues. Released periodically.
  • AJRC Analyses: A professional publication released periodically that provides a deeper analysis of the topics at hand. Available in English and Hungarian.
  • In Focus Magazine: A magazine released four times a year in English and Hungarian that examines regions, countries, and today’s most important social and political questions from a distinctively Hungarian perspective.

AJKC Digital can be viewed in its entirety only after signing up and logging in. Thus, users are able to read contents through their own profiles against payment. Beyond contents available for free, researches and professional materials published by AJKC can only be accessed in full after subscription. Free contents do not require a registration.

Users who are not subscribers are provided with a detailed description on every material that is part of AJKC Digital. In case of subscribable contents, users are allowed to preview materials, this way, they are able to see what is included exactly in the subscription.  

There are two types of subscriptions available on AJKC Digital:

  • Quarterly subscription
  • Annual subscription

Any type of subscription can be extended infinitely on the AJKC Digital platform.